Ep. 10: Lawrence Lever

Episode 10 June 17, 2021 00:26:43
Ep. 10: Lawrence Lever
Citywire: Mistakes Were Made
Ep. 10: Lawrence Lever

Jun 17 2021 | 00:26:43


Show Notes

For the latest episode of Mistakes Were Made, Alex and Frank are joined by Citywire’s executive chairman and founder Lawrence Lever, AKA their boss. 

A former lawyer and investigative journalist, Lawrence tells Alex and Frank about some of the mistakes he made when starting the business, what he learned from them, and how these lessons ultimately led to the success Citywire enjoys today.  

Some early missteps include not taking all the advice on offer from renowned venture capitalist Hermann Hauser and trusting a rival to act honorably (spoiler alert: they didn’t!). 

We also discuss mistakes that the media can make when covering investment (Lawrence has some pointers for Alex on this), what fund managers often get wrong when starting their own shops, and why asset managers are probably nicer than investment bankers.  

This is the last episode in the current series of Mistakes Were Made. We’re taking a break over the summer and will be back September. Thank you for listening.  

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